Shipping and installation policy

Shipping/Delivery Policy

In the areas where we provide direct service, we commit to delivering products directly to the location you have registered.

In other areas: Customers will receive the goods at Ichi Vina’s warehouse. In case you prefer to use your own carrier’s services, you will bear the shipping costs.

Delivery times depend on the type of service and product you are using. In special cases, delivery times will be communicated when the order is confirmed.

Installation Policy

For orders related to repair services, the method of on-site repair or sending the product to our warehouse depends on the specific nature of the repair request.

Ichi Vina provides product installation services according to your requirements.

We may offer free or fee-based installation services depending on the type of product.

For products requiring special technical or software operation, we will provide instructions to ensure safety and quality. If you choose to install the product or software yourself, you will be responsible for the technical aspects as well as any associated risks related to the product and its use.