Privacy Policy

We appreciate your interest and visit to the website. Our commitment is to protect and maintain the security of all of your personal information.
This Privacy Policy is designed to clarify how we collect, use, and (in some cases) disclose your personal information.
We attach great importance to protecting personal information and building customer trust. Therefore, we commit to using your name and information related to you correctly and in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. We only collect necessary information related to the purchase and sale transaction process.

1. Collection of personal information

We collect, store and process your personal information to carry out purchase transactions, order-related notifications, and provide services. This information includes title, name, gender, date of birth, email, address, delivery address, phone number, fax, payment details, and payment details by card or bank account.
We use your personal information to process orders, provide services, and request information. This information is also used to manage accounts, verify online transactions, research demographics, and submit product and service information. You have the right to refuse to receive marketing information at any time.
We may pass order information to third parties (e.g. delivery services) to make deliveries.
Your order details are confidential and can only be accessed by logging into your account on the website. You can view order information, received and shipped products, along with email, banking, and newsletter subscriptions.
We are committed to keeping your personal data secure and not disclosing it to third parties. We are not responsible for password misuse unless it is our fault.
Personal information may be used for market research, but details will be hidden and used for statistical purposes only. You can refuse to participate at any time.

2. Security

We have adopted technical and security measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, or destruction.
We recommend that you do not share payment information via email. We are not responsible for any loss that may occur when exchanging information via the internet or email.
You may not use means to interfere with the system or change data structure. Any violations will be handled according to regulations and may be prosecuted for legal liability.
We are committed to protecting transaction information, but may disclose information upon request from law enforcement.

3. Customer benefits

You have the right to request access and correction of errors in your personal information without charge. You also have the right to request that we stop using your personal information for marketing purposes at any time.
We commit to comply with Vietnamese laws and competent Vietnamese courts.